Fresh Kicks

And so it comes to an end. My first year in college is officially over. I remember that when I was in secondary school I was continually told by my English teachers that beginning sentences with ‘and’ is not acceptable in the practise of good writing. However, I think in this case it may be quite apt, as the last year of my life has been a long string of ‘ands’. Countless new experiences, new faces and new adjustments. I will be blunt about it: it was a new everything. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, moving away from home was difficult. More than difficult, it was completely and totally terrifying. All through my life I had been in the same group of friends. I always had the comfort of knowing that I wouldn’t ever actually have to make friends “all by myself”. I had it easy. Then the Leaving Cert. came and literally smacked me in the face. Well, not literally but I did feel as if I was being hurled headfirst into a sticky barrel of tar. Then it was over. It ended and all too fast. The results came out and I was offered a place in college. I was then faced with the prospect of well, going it alone. My school friends had all gotten into different universities all over the country, some even knew people in their courses. I was a little worried and I’m going to admit it; afraid.

However, all my worry was in vain because it actually happened.
I made friends. Nice ones. And it was so ridiculously easy.

In college there are so many different kinds of people. This is one of the first things you notice. It can be overwhelming at first. You spend time with people you have everything in common with. More then often you meet people you have nothing in common with. This is even better. I find it incredible. This is going to sound odd, ( in no way am I going off on a soul-searching tangent) but I thought I knew myself before starting college. After one year, I have finally realised that I haven’t got a clue. It’s not a bad thing either.

When I first started college in Trinity, I thought that people wouldn’t like me because I was from the country. I also thought that I would lose face back home because I was now a “Trinity W****r”. For the most part, I was wrong. I would like to make an honest statement that I can wholeheartedly swear is true. I have not in a whole year met a single person who fits the title of “Trinity W****r”. (This is all correct bar one accidental house party where everyone had fake English accents, but that’s another blog post altogether.) In fact; I have met some of the soundest, kindest, funniest, smartest and most genuine people you could ever wish to meet.

I also learned many things and had many weird and wonderful experiences:

1.Ate my first big mac and enjoyed it.



2.Met some friendly Belgians who like death metal and pancakes.


3.Learned how to identify stuff in the human body.

4.Ended up in Dundalk on a night out.


5.Realised that 50 percent is the new 90

6.Figured out how not to spend MY LIFE-SAVINGS on public transport in Dublin City.

7.Figured out how to use public transport in Dublin City.

8.Survived Coppers Crush 2014.

9.You drink more milk than you can afford.
10.Disregarded the system.
11.Skipped Chemistry to eat McFlurrys and then watch MeanGirls.

No regrets.

12.Made friends.
13.Potatoes make great catapult thingys.
14.Do not ever EVER get involved in student politics. ( Unless you actually like that kind of thing)
Earphones in. Look straight ahead. Do not make eye-contact with the campaigners.

Earphones in. Look straight ahead. Do not make eye-contact with the campaigners.

15.Nutella and Peanut butter will make you fat.
mexpasta 068
16.Learned that the bin will not empty itself. Ever.

All in all, it’s been absolutely unbelievable. I loved it. Roll on second year.


Overplayed in apt 88.11:

For Anthony Conway: If you ever go missing again. I will find you.


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